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Michigan has a story to tell and at Buy Local TV we are out to tell it.

Promoting Michigan Businesses, Communities and People is what producer-director Duane Weed loves to do. Buy Local TV tells the stories on what makes Michigan pure and a great place to live, shop and play. From Michigan Lighthouses, the Frankenmuth Brewery to how maple syrup is made to the art of finding morel mushrooms... Buy Local TV loves the Great Lakes State of Michigan. Follow us on Facebook and share Buy Local TV with everyone you know.  Do you have a story to tell - contact Duane today.  Thank you for tuning in and enjoy the current episode below.


Huntin Time Expo Buy Local TV 75 from Buy Local TV on Vimeo.


CURRENT EPISODE –  HUNTING IN MICHIGAN - Welcome to the largest Hunting Expo in the midwest. Right here in Michigan... learn more from owner Beth Antor.  

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